good karma

Our Good Karma Bento Box brings good fortune and good karma to any auspicious event: birthdays, graduations, promotions; conquering the world, taking the plunge, or any time you’re hoping to hit the jackpot.

From Buddha to lucky charms, our crosscultural selection of gifts covers all the bases to bring you or your friends good karma.

It’s hard to put a price on that but we did.

6 x 6 x 2.375”
Lucky Lips Flavor
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Fortune Folio
No need to stick ‘em on the fridge. Save your lucky fortunes in this little scrapbook.
Fortune Cookie
“What you desire is always possible.” Find words of wisdom in a cookie.
Lucky Lips
Wish for kisses. A handmade, all natural lip balm. Contains shea butter to smooth the rough spots. Choose peppermint, lavender, or lemon lime.
Dice Charm
A lucky charm for your cell phone or bag. Remember, you have to get in the game to win. Red, purple, yellow, blue or pink. Let us choose.
Buddha Head
Lots of karma in a little package. Tiny Buddha head to top a pencil or pop in your pocket. Bright pink or black.
Feng Shui
Branch and Blossom Find harmony and balance around you.
N-28. G-36. You win. Again.

Lucky Penny Heads up! The good luck that rubs off is worth lots more than face value.
Floral and Dot Box
Our beautiful box is practically a gift by itself but, of course, we’ve gone ahead and filled it with nifty gifts. Reuse it later to store your loot.